Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love This Girl!

In just a few days, our little dimpled baby will turn eighteen. I know it's early to be doing her birthday post, but I just felt inspired.

Morgan enhances the dynamics of our home and family in many ways. 
Here are just a few: 

She's ultra-self-motivated, taking charge of her health and fitness and setting a strong example for the rest of us.

Her interest in art has recently been revived, so she practices cursive handwriting in order to improve her drawing skills.

Having taught herself piano, she fills our home with beautiful music, and recently began teaching her brother, Graham, how to play the violin.

Morgan is wise beyond her years, and often encourages me by offering counsel when I appear to be losing my compass. 

She aids in keeping the atmosphere of our home light and pleasant by making us laugh with her quick wit and clever impersonations.

But in all honesty, when Morgan eventually leaves our home to enter the next season of her life, I'm pretty sure that what I'll miss most are her chocolate chip cookies:

Don't you wish that you had a Morgan, too? ;-)

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