Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Say It With Alacrity!

Our friend, Dave, lives by the most interesting lists. One of those is something like, "Words Best Spoken With Alacrity". (Dave, if you're reading, feel free to correct me on the details.)

Here's one to add to the list of 
Words Best Spoken With Alacrity:


Say it again:


It simply means "spinach pie", but this is where the Greeks do it better than their English-speaking counterparts.

I have a son who would be slap-happy if he could eat burgers or pizza (or both!) for every meal. So, it pleased me last week when I asked him to suggest a dinner idea for my menu list, and he mentioned spanakopita.
I had actually been thinking of it already, and it was nice to see that we were on the same page, so to speak.

This same young man who drew a line through all of my "healthful" menu items in protest, also chose a food item that has spinach as its key ingredient.

This recipe actually came from Martha Stewart. I used to get her magazine, and I would save the perforated recipe cards that came in each issue. I first made spanakopita a few years ago when we lived in Alabama, and it calls for a LOT of butter.

This is one of those recipes that not only tastes good, but that I enjoy for the actual process of making it. It's fun to work with filo dough - although it bears an unsettling resemblance to the parchment paper that lines the baking sheet.

This photo is from the archives. This is the first one I ever made, and I posted it on my old blog. It's been about four years. I just wanted to compare the two.

So, do you feel inspired yet?


  1. Spanakopita! I love the idea of putting it on that say-it-with-alacrity list! Too funny! My dad, who describes himself as very "auditory", LOVES the sound of that word, (along with a collection of other Greek-food-names!) My husband and I had spanakopita at a restaurant not long ago ~ it was really good, and we decided we should definitely make some, too.