Saturday, January 14, 2012

Soft Globe Trial

My to-do list is looming over me like a bad debt, but I managed to at least breathe some of the air in my sewing room this week.
I debated over whether to even post this, but here it is - my trial run.

I saw fabric globes similar to this (Ha! I flatter myself!) at a local decorating store. I fell in love with them, but the price would repel any sensible shopper. For several months, I've wanted to see if I can come up with a suitable substitute.
I think it's kind of cute, but I'd like for it to be much larger.

I had forgotten how unpleasant it is to cut out fabric map pieces - sort of like forgetting how much childbirth hurts, so you go ahead and have another (and, in my case, another, and another, and another).

Anyway, I did it. And it hurt. And I got lazy. 
If you look closely at the cutting job, you can see just how lazy.
But don't.

I do plan to revisit this project. I couldn't decide which fabric would work best, so I'd like to try others. Also, I want to try to make this larger. For this one, I used the back of the Potterybarn duvet cover that used to adorn my bed, but is now, at least in part, a set of big pillows for the bench in our school room. The blue plaid appliqué fabric is left over from recycled Potterybarn Kids curtains

I hope to get back to sewing next week. For now, we're enjoying a visit from a very special family of ten. Caelyn went to Alaska for three months in 2010 to be their nanny for three months. They've had three children since the last time our entire family saw them, but we knew them before they had any children.

Before their arrival this afternoon, I ran errands and did some last-minute grocery shopping to complete our weekend menu items.
Kudos to Craig Grayson and Morgan, who provided fuel for my morning tasks. CG made his should-be-famous chocolate chip scones (inspired by this friend and this family), and Mo took scrambled eggs to a new level:

The photo doesn't do justice to these amazing scrambled eggs. She sauteéd vegetables first and added the scrambled eggs to the pan. Then she topped them with crumbled turkey bacon. I should probably post these on our breakfast blog. My parents' legacy truly lives on in my children. I'm a blessed woman.

This says it all. I couldn't waste time photographing the scone. Actually, I ate it while driving and photographed the result in the grocery parking lot.

It was 27 degrees this morning. Twenty-seven. In Houston, TX. I'm so thankful to have these boots. By the way, I've actually been pursued in the mall before by someone who stopped me to ask where I got my boots. Twice.

Ok, I'm rambling now. It's time to go and see what the others have made this week at Amy's Sew & Tell.
Have a fun weekend!

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  1. I think your globe is a pure genious idea and I LOVE it!!! seriously!!!
    yummy looking food AND I love your boots too, where did you get them?!! ;)