Monday, February 13, 2012

Sneak Peek

I started this camera bag a few weeks ago, but our busy schedule has kept me from working on it diligently. I can't wait until it's finished; and now that Gabriela is taking a photography class, the pressure is on!

The pattern is from Kay Whitt's Media Frenzy, and this bag, alone, occupies ten pages of instruction.
I'm on the fifth page.
I'm just giddy about it and couldn't wait to post a photo, even though it's yet unfinished.

Also, I had mentioned last week that I hoped to be able to make a clutch to match the bag that I made for my friend, Terri.
Miraculously, I was able to carve out time to make it in time for her daughter to carry it home with her.

I used more of the plaid capulana fabric and a beaded zipper pull, both acquired while living in Moçambique.
I missed my opportunity to post this on Amy's Sew & Tell on Friday, but I've been taking it slowly. I spent yesterday organizing the sewing room. We have a lot going on in our house, so I have to keep to my own pace these days.
I didn't want to work on any more projects without de-cluttering a bit. It was getting out-of-hand.

My white-board list of projects has grown considerably, so I do hope to spend quite a bit of time sewing in the coming weeks - in between out-of-town guests, of course.
So far, the count for 2012 is twelve, with ten more expected before the end of February, and (Lord willing) my parents will come after that.
I can't wait to log in some kitchen hours with them!

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