Saturday, April 28, 2012

How To End a Long Track Day

1. Kick feet up in Suburban while Oldest Daughter drives home from track meet, with Husband in front passenger seat, and enjoy homemade salsa with tortilla chips.

2. Greet dogs who are overjoyed to see you after a long day, although sufficiently cared-for in shifts by one cousin & one neighbor.

3. Take a shower because you smell just as bad as the athletes who competed all day, having perspired in the sun while watching said athletes run their little hearts out.

4. Lie down on sofa while Youngest Daughter plays with your hair to soothe the long-hot-day-in-the-sun-squinting-from-hair-blowing-in-eyes-from-the-breeze headache you are now suffering.

5. Don't fret when Husband chooses to watch "Band of Brothers" alone on his iPad, Oldest Daughter goes to bed early, and Three Middle Children watch a separate movie in the guest room, despite Mom's suggestions that we all do something together.

6. Grab Youngest Daughter, make blue-cheese-and-toasted-smokey-pecan-stuffed dates, and proceed to Mom's room to watch "The Sound of Music" together (intermittently filling Husband's requests, who has become aware of your secret snack).

7. Give thanks with a grateful heart.


  1. I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!!!! Eric would be with you watching The Sound of Music (that's his favorite movie, by the way) and I'd be watchin' Band of Brothers with Craig BUT we would all come together as one big happy family over those bleu cheese pecan date wonders!! You excel in the motherhood thing, really!!

  2. Caelyn said, "Ash would probably stick with me..." Craig, of course, is pleased to know that you love the same books & movies that he loves. Commend Eric for his superb taste in entertainment! I attribute that to his birthday. :-) You are a precious friend, & I long for when our families may gather, no matter what's playing or cooking!