Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We have a nearby movie theater that serves food, restaurant-style, during the film. It's a rather new establishment, and although we don't always order food, so far we've been pleased with the service. I noticed on our last visit that the halls are lined with massive fabric-covered panels, which gave me an idea.

A little over a month ago, I bought a couple of canvases and had Morgan help me to pick out fabric to cover them. Then, I moved some old coffee prints that I had hanging next to the mirror in the photo, and had Craig hang them in the kitchen for me, instead. Morgan, our Resident Perfectionist, was so kind as to cover the canvases with the fabric for me, using a staple gun, and voila! 

A trip to Hobby Lobby yielded a rub-on Scripture verse, which brought it all together. (Maybe someday I'll own up to the airhead moment I had with the rub-on letters. I blindly tried to lead my dad as he applied them for me, but it was Morgan whose genius got the job done. I did eventually discover the very clear instructions nestled inside the box.)

I didn't post this earlier because I thought that it was cheating, since there wasn't any sewing or other hard labor involved. Caelyn suggested that I "pin" it*, but I decided against that idea. Then, when I saw that Amy mentioned on Facebook that she recently covered some canvases with fabric for "cheap decorating", I was inspired! I can't wait to see her photos.

*ETA: I pinned it!