Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Sweetness of a Friend

My oldest daughter recently asked me what I found encouraging about a particular conversation with a friend, and her question led us to a discussion about true, biblical friendship. I've heard it said that some people are energy givers and others are energy thieves, and I can attest to the observation. I imagine there may even be those in the middle who neither give nor steal energy, but remain neutral, for the most part, perhaps as passive observers.

I feel energized when I have the opportunity for fellowship with one who speaks Truth into my life, isn't afraid to offer biblical admonition, is teachable, and whose conversation is edifying and purposeful. I'm thankful for friends whose speech is gracious and whose example spurs others on toward Christ-likeness.

Anna is one such friend. Although I'm older and have been a wife and mother longer than she has, I still learn so much from her. Our family was blessed to host Scott, Anna, and their beautiful children as they were passing through our city last night. Seeing the fruit of their wise parenting - made evident in the pleasant, obedient manner of the children - was a refreshing reminder of our calling as parents.

I wish they could have stayed longer, but the Lord poured out a rich blessing on our household, enabling us to make the most of the opportunity! We enjoyed a yummy breakfast together this morning, more great talks, and lots of time watching the adorable antics of the little ones. The big boys even took a moment to go and see the alligators in our nearby lake.

This could have been a breakfast blog post, but I wanted to highlight these precious friends, instead. If you happen to have a copy of The Spirit of Christmas Cookbook (circa 90s), you must try these quiche muffins. They've been a family favorite since I was still changing diapers.

Happiness is... a son who is pleased to take over the cinnamon roll process!

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