Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gabriela's Photography

In the winter months, our three younger children were involved in a co-op with our local homeschool group. One of the classes that Gabriela (12) chose was photography. Her teacher made it really fun; and although the classes ended a couple of months ago, Gabriela has continued to practice.

I've wanted to share a few highlights of our world through Gabriela's eyes:


This is one of my favorites. I had a greeting card made from it.

I love that she captured the irony of this scene in the lobby where classes were held.

One of the last vestiges of this season of motherhood

Friends from class


My mom

These last few were taken yesterday, and are definitely among my favorites.

 Gone are the days when I would tell our youngest child not to "mess with" the camera, for fear that she might damage it. Here to stay are the moments when I ask, "Gab, will you please photograph this [sewing project/food item/etc.] for me?"


  1. Great photos! It's neat to see the world through her eyes!

  2. Oh, how we miss you guys. Tillie talks constantly of Gab... and of course the rest of us have the fondest memories and greatest hopes of seeing y'all soon. It's so great to hear about some of the Whitlock family life.

    The photos are wonderful. Nice job, Gabriela!
    Missing you dearly!!! Don't forget to stop by if you ever come to pittsburgh. :)