Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lovely Day

My sweet husband treated me to a lovely day out yesterday. Of course, he had to go to work, so I went with him. It's always an honor to talk with the staff, and I especially enjoy taking part in the staff's mid-morning Bible study.

The purpose of the outing was an appointment to help with a recurring problem that I've had for about five years. I have never had it checked out; but this issue slams me a few times each year, and the agony lasts for about a week each time. A friend of ours was able to tend to this problem for me, so Craig took me to see him yesterday.

But first! Oh, first we had lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

Oh. Yes. The #1: CHҦ GIÒ VIÊT NAM

Always working. I don't mind. Everybody wins.

This one doesn't have a spot on the menu, as I customized it with basil, veggies, and chicken with curry & coconut milk. The staff at Huynh are so pleasant and accommodating.

In the meantime, the children were scattered elsewhere. Caelyn was at her nannying job, and Craig Grayson was at home doing his school work until it was time to go to work at our local golf club. The other three were volunteering to clean the industrial kitchen at Craig's work facility.

They had a bit of trouble re-assembling the stove after cleaning it.

After my appointment, we returned to Craig's office. I checked on our slaves children to see how much progress they'd made. They had covered a lot of ground, but there was still a lot to do. This worked out nicely, since Craig still had work to do, as well. I enjoyed sitting in his office and catching up on blogging and such, but I was missing being with my kiddos.

After 7 1/2 hours of exposure to cleaning chemicals, they were nigh delirious. And hungry. We're so proud of the job they did, though. The kitchen really needed this deep-cleaning. I hope no one will be asphyxiated by the lingering smell of bleach this morning. My children built a nice case yesterday for going "green" with cleaning supplies.


  1. What a great day! Your hubby sounds amazing and your kids, too. I hope you are feeling better very soon!

    1. I do have the most amazing husband! He's the BEST! Our children are such blessings, too. I can't imagine my life without them. :-)

  2. Hope you got the help you needed for your problem. It is no fun to not be feeling tip-top.

    1. It's so great to hear from you! I am feeling much better, but the pain does come and go. It's tolerable, compared to greater issues that many others face. I'm thankful that it only lasts for a few days and only happens occasionally. I may just need to pay regular visits to our helpful friend. :-)