Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Track Bag Replacement

After the track meet on Saturday, I stood by the fence waiting as Gabriela gathered her belongings from the field. She appeared to be looking for something with the aid of her coach. When she got to where I was standing, she explained that someone had taken her track bag, but left all of the contents behind - minus her lip balm. So, it was evidently a semi-honest thief (if such a one exists) but who apparently suffers from chapped lips.

Why anyone would steal something that is free with the purchase of a pair of track spikes, I'll never understand - especially since Gabriela had written her name on both sides of the bag. Oh, well. I guess it's good that we could meet that need, eh? (I'm being nice, here.)

I seized this opportunity to make something cuter than what Nike provides. After running a few errands today, I got right to work in my sewing room. It's been a while since I've made a drawstring bag, so I had to think about it. When I figure projects out as I go, I always end up doing things the hard way. (I'm amazed at big-name bag designers. They really are smart folks.) Anyway, I managed to finish this bag literally as Caelyn was getting everyone into the truck to head to practice today.

I love an excuse to use my embroidery machine. I'm afraid, though, that this will be an even greater temptation for a thief. At least it won't blend in with all of the other bags, so maybe no one will get away with it.

Standing in the cutting line at the fabric store today, I saw something like this in a magazine that I perused as I waited. I was sticking to my budget, so I didn't buy the magazine. Being a visual learner, I relied on the picture in my head to try to create a similar concept. That was good timing, as I had already planned on making this bag today. I knew that Gab would appreciate having an over-the-shoulder option, rather than just carrying it by the drawstrings.

Gabriela was certainly tickled when I presented the bag to her. An earlier visit to my sewing room left her thinking that I had started on the next step of my (long-over-due) camera bag; so I was happy to be able to surprise her with the finished product.


  1. People are awful sometimes. This is very beautiful bag and the name will deter too. I am sure they grabbed the other bag for its brand. At least the contents were safe.

  2. And the cuteness just keeps on comin'! Just adorable and fits Gabriela's personality to a tee!

  3. This is the cutest bag ever! I'm sure it's much nicer than the previous one. What kind of embroidery machine do you have? I have been considering one for a long time. I usually do my embroidery by hand but this looks so nice. You should totally write up a tutorial for this bag, too. I'd definitely make some!