Friday, June 15, 2012


There is a very special person in our life who's having an 80th birthday next week. "Nana" is actually the mother of a good friend of mine in Alabama, but she has always treated our family as her own - even inviting us over for her should-be-famous homemade gnocchi. In fact, she was our first overseas visitor when we lived in Moçambique. She even came to see us while we were living in Pittsburgh, along with two of her granddaughters. During their stay, we had a homemade pizza dinner at my parents' house.

Me, Nana, & Craig Grayson

Mom, Daddy, Nana



We've been missing Nana a lot lately, but she's been recovering from recent knee surgery and could be facing hip surgery soon. As we have no travel plans in the near future, it may be a while before we're able to spend time with her. 

As I said, she'll be turning 80, but she is one tough lady. Her chief complaint about her current ailments is that they're affecting her golf game. Needless to say, they've put a damper on her habit of frequent travel, as well. I hope to be as spunky and zealous for life if the Lord blesses me to see her age. 

I didn't have to think twice about what to give Nana for her birthday. This tote has been on my want-to-do list for quite a while. It was a quick, easy project, and I love how the fabrics came together. (I only hope that it'll get to her on time.)

It may be hard to see in this photo, but for part of the quilting, I stitched "Nana" in cursive across the top.

Earlier this week, I posted the 20th anniversary gift that I made for Craig. I can't wait to hang it! 

This has been a really fun week. Happy Friday! I'm off to see what others have posted for Amy's Sew & Tell.

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