Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday, Gabriela!

It is bittersweet to have the "baby" of the family finally joining the ranks of what our age-segregated society has dubbed "teens". I'm pretty sure that this is a modern word; but it's still a noteworthy milestone. I think that for our forebears, turning 13 (or 12, in some cultures) carried with it a great honor and much responsibility. In America today, it seems to have lost its luster. We just don't expect as much of our youth as parents did generations ago.

Still, I wanted to take this day to shower Gabriela with special attention. Each year seems to pass more quickly than the one before, and Craig & I are sensing the fleeting nature of parenting with greater sobriety. We spend a lot of time talking with our children about the necessity of cherishing God's Word, thinking consequentially, living to honor the Lord, and planning for future generations. This will certainly be a major part of our focus when we all gather this evening to celebrate Gabriela, as with all of the children's birthdays.

Earlier today, however, I took the time to do some "light", girly stuff with her. I began last night by sending her to bed early so that I could make her a birthday bunting to hang in her room. It was so cute to see her surprise this morning when I woke her. I've never made one of these before, and it's even easier than the pillowcase dress. I remember having seen some of these around the blogosphere, and I figured that it can't be too hard. I glanced at a tutorial, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. (I tend to make things harder than they need to be.) Seeing that it is, in fact, as easy as it seems, I just made my own pattern and went to it.

After dropping Craig Grayson at work today, I took Gab for her first birthday treat. She didn't know what I had planned, so I parked in front of the donut shop near the nail salon and said, "You know how I always say that I don't like for you guys to have donuts because they're bad for you? Well, I wanted to give you a special treat today."

Then I stepped out of the truck and walked in the direction opposite the donut shop while saying, "I still haven't changed my mind about the donuts, so you're not getting any. Here's where you really get to go."
And I proceeded to lead her into the nail salon.
(She laughed. She knows me.)

The Bible teaches not to "muzzle the ox" when it's treading out grain, so the birthday chauffeur got a pedicure, too.

Gabriela was tickled when the nail technician offered to paint flowers on her big toenails.

Next on the menu was a trip to TJMaxx for the purse she saw last week.

I have such a problem when I shop for my children. I always have to talk myself out of things for me, like this fabulous tote bag:

It's haunting me even now.

Shopping makes us hungry - especially at lunch time. ;-)
When Gabriela and I are trying to decide where to eat, each of us is painfully indecisive, in favor of the other.
We finally settled on Chipotle.

It's amazing how conveniently close Charming Charlie is located, relative to Chipotle. And we just happened to put enough quarters in the meter to allow a little more shopping.

Isn't this bracelet so "fly"?

The Birthday Girl and her loot
 We still had some time to kill before getting Craig Grayson from work, so we squeezed in a visit to Hobby Lobby. He ended up finishing early, and we picked him up and dropped him at home, then grabbed some groceries and mulch. (I feel like it's my birthday, since the guys have been sprucing up our yard - even if it is a bit late in the season.)

Gabriela didn't realize it, but we were actually grocery shopping for the remaining ingredients needed for the surprise birthday dessert that Caelyn & Morgan made for her. We needed something that isn't so guilt-inducing as cake.
(Besides, we had cake yesterday when we celebrated all of the May & June birthdays with The Cousins. OK, and Saturday at our neighbor's graduation party; but who's counting?)

Now everyone needs to come home from track practice before I help myself to the pavlova without them!

I'm trying to figure out how birthday cake ever beat pavlova as the traditional option.

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