Friday, June 29, 2012


It's hard to tell in this photo, but I made the straps a little wider at the top, because I don't like the way thinner straps feel on my shoulder.

That's what I'm calling this bag: "Papillon" (pronounced "pah-pee-yon"). It's just what came to mind.

My inspiration to work in the sewing room is peaking, and I've enjoyed some hours of creativity over the past week. I finished a couple of fun projects and updated my to-sew list. 

I've been wanting a new tote to carry my Bible. I have a fabulous big red "pleather" tote that is perfect for Sunday morning, but it is heavy! Yesterday afternoon, I was inspired to finally make one, so I struck while the iron was hot, as they say. 

Amy Butler is one of my favorite designers. I made use of a few of her prints that I bought recently for this project, and just made up the details of the bag as I went along. The only thing I had planned beforehand was using the butterfly fabric that I bought in Moçambique. (SO glad that I picked up a couple of extra meters of it before we moved back to the States.)

I just love these Bic pens. They are the best!! I tend to be old-fashioned, and new-fangled pens just don't perform as well or as long as these (unless, of course, one shops at Mont Blanc, in which case it wouldn't be called a pen).

On the opposite side, I installed a zipper pocket for those items that it would be a travesty to have slip out of the bag. I almost forgot to add the magnetic snap. In fact, I did forget, so I quickly reopened the seam on the lining & installed one.

I've just been itching to put a key fob into one of my bags. With so many drivers in our house, there's no guarantee that my keys will always end up where I like to keep them. Now, at least in the case of this bag, no rummaging will be required.

I'm sure that my mom will be asking for one of these, so I'm already thinking of how the next one will look. It was a very fun bag to make. I've found that, in keeping with my personality, I enjoy the process more when I'm not poring over pattern instructions. (Not that I don't really love & highly recommend some of the patterns I've used in the past...)

Hop on over to see the lovely creations posted at Amy's Sew & Tell!


  1. That butterfly fabric is to die for! Great bag! I too am a huge AB fan!

    1. I'm wishing that I had bought the entire bolt of that butterfly fabric! I'll have to see who's coming to visit the States from Moz. And yes, Amy Butler is a stellar woman! Her work is fabulous.

    2. P.S. I love your forest quilt! I couldn't figure out how to comment on your blog post. That would be a great quilt to make larger for my sons' beds.

  2. Lovely bag my creative friend!