Friday, June 1, 2012

Pillowcase Dress

Remember my friend who trusts my skills? (Bless her heart. What a sweetie.) Well, she asked me to make a pillowcase dress similar to one she had seen on Pinterest. She plans for her little Cutie Patootie to wear it on July 4th (I think. Her birthday, maybe?). Details.

Anyway, many thanks to Amy for directing her readers to this tutorial. I love a quick, easy project to make me feel like I'm checking things off, despite my ever-growing list of not-quite-as-easy items.

I should have had this in the mail already, BUT I'm still trying to figure out the best way to embellish it. Here's my current brainstorm: (Kelly likes it, which means it's a keeper. I just need to decide how best to attach it. I'm probably making it more complicated than it actually is.)

Ew! Check out that heat stain on the ironing board! Time for a new cover.

Embellishments aren't my forté. I'm a big-picture kind of gal, even in the kitchen. I like to see big progress and leave the details to others. My children chop, slice, and spread. I like to bring the dishes all together. I'm thinking that Caelyn should attach this ribbon flower for me... or maybe I'll just stretch myself a bit.

This was such a fun project that I'd love to make more. (I'm even considering a morphed version that functions as a summer top for me.) I'm super thankful for friends who insert little people into my life to fill that ever-present desire to do little people stuff. I pray that the Lord will bless our family with oodles of grandchildren one day, as I can't imagine ever getting over my desire for children (nor would I want to).


  1. I think it's super sweet and cute with the embellishment.

  2. It's perfect and the embellishment is just the right thing!!