Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twenty Years

Craig and I were 21 & 19, respectively, when we got married. If asked whether I have any regrets about marrying so young, I would answer that if I were to do it over again, I'd say yes the first time he asked.

We had Caelyn before we were married, and she has been to us a constant reminder of God's infinite mercy.
He used her to open our eyes to our need for Him.

Yesterday was our twentieth anniversary, and it's hard for me to find gifts that are appropriate for Craig. He's so unique and complex. It won't do for me to just go shopping and pick something out. He doesn't ask for much, and the things that he would buy are beyond my expertise.

The first and most exciting gift that I gave him is something that I plan to post on Amy's Sew & Tell; but first, I want to share just a tiny glimpse of Gift #2. The video at the beginning of this post features a song that expresses so much of what I want to say about our marriage.
I included it in a photo slideshow of our life together, along with three other songs (this, this, and this).
Unfortunately, I'm not tech-savvy enough to post a slideshow from iPhoto.

Here's a tiny, key-hole peek at our roots:

Craig can't deny it when I tell the children that Dad used to wear a high-top fade. This photo was taken while he was on leave from his Army assignment shortly after our wedding and just weeks before Caelyn & I were able to join him at our new home in California.

We took family ID photos for the church nursery when I was pregnant with Morgan.
(Rest assured that I learned my lesson about wearing bangs.)

Let's just focus on how adorable the children were, shall we?

Having recently moved to Ft. Benning, GA, and knowing few people there, Craig insisted that the children & I stay with my parents in PA until after Graham's birth. He was in Officer's Candidate School & wouldn't have been available to me immediately upon going into labor; so it was decided that I should be with family. He was able to fly to see us a week after Graham's birth. (Wow. I used to dress the girls like boys. Ugh!)

ca. Christmas '11

Weddings these days have some fun options for guests at the reception. Craig & I had fun being super silly in this wacky photo booth at the wedding reception for one of his staff.

And now, here is his first gift. Craig has such a passion for Africa, and I wanted to make something unique for him with an African theme. Also, we have a giant bare space above our fireplace that needs to be filled, so this gift is two-fold. ;-)
I really wish that we would have taken a video of Craig's reaction when he saw Caelyn and me walking downstairs with this. Our nephew, Antoine - who's staying with us during his summer internship - even played this song on the computer to accompany the presentation.
Craig was thrilled!

Even Rhodes wanted in on the scene. Craig claims that it's because he recognizes his home.

I've fallen in love with fabric map projects. I wanted to highlight Moçambique, since we lived there, using Moçambican capulana fabric to set it apart. The hardest part of this project was removing burlap threads to fray the bottom before tying the knots. It took three of us a couple of days to do that, taking breaks to spare our fingers. This project was definitely worth every bit of planning & work!

Yesterday was such a pleasant day for us. We started off by going out to breakfast before heading to San Antonio for the day. A highlight for me was taking a tour of one of our favorite ministries and picking up some great resources for the children (including this fun item for the boys).
Afterward, we enjoyed spending time along the Riverwalk & grabbing a casual meal before heading home.

If the Lord wills, I look forward to many more years with Craig. He is a fantastic husband and father, and a wise teacher & leader, who makes life exciting & enjoyable for all of us.

We're still havin' fun, and he's still the one!


  1. Oh Dayna!! This post made me smile very big. I am so happy that the Lord has blessed your sweet family so immensely! Your love for your husband is such a great example. Best of wishes and prayers for you both on your anniversary!
    (PS - I LOVE the caption on your 3rd photo... I busted up laughing. :) )

  2. I need a like button! Lovely post about a lovely couple. Blessings to your family!

  3. Great post and CONGRATULATIONS!
    Thanks for letting us in to a view of 20 years together!

  4. You guys are so adorable! :) Happy anniversary!

  5. Congratulations. Wishing you many more such wonderful anniversaries.