Saturday, July 21, 2012

Car Wash & Dog Leashes

Sometimes I feel like this video describes my vehicle:

But instead of sing-along CDs, soda, and soccer balls, I find water bottles, DVDs, and extra clothing throughout. 

The beauty of having children old enough to drive is that, since they are the chief source of dirt and clutter in my Suburban, they can also be the ones to clean it.

No matter how old they get, however, it is still a great temptation for a boy to squeeze the soapy sponge over his sister's head.

Morgan is a good sport. Graham isn't walking with a limp.

I am particularly thankful for Caelyn's self-control, since Graham tried to use me as a human shield from the hose. I quickly went back inside, where I was working on a couple of fun projects.

While the children were washing the truck, our friends, Zach and Kait, who are visiting from Pittsburgh, were inside speaking my love language. I'm so spoiled by friends who will accomplish tasks that I'd rather not do myself.

A few days ago, Kait, Gabriela, and I paid a visit to Home Goods. 
(Honk if you love that store!) 
As I passed the clearance shelf of the pet-supplies section, something jumped up and grabbed me. Not really. But it should have. Since it didn't, I grabbed it, instead. Here it is:

I could NOT resist this sign! Could you? I mean, if you had a dog. Or two.

Kait is one of those creative Pinterest types, just overflowing with great ideas. She suggested that I find a spot to hang this sign with hooks for the dogs' leashes and collars.
I remembered recently coming across a set of bumblebee hooks from a few houses ago.

I think that we lived in Georgia when I bought these hooks. I can't remember where I found them. Potterybarn? Restoration Hardware? Neither of these? Eh. Doesn't matter. I'm glad that they were unearthed after our move.

Last week, we had the honor of briefly hosting a dear friend from Alabama and two of her daughters. One of them is a photographer, and she offered to take some candid shots of our family. (Coming soon.) Anyway, she snapped a few photos of Rhodes & Menina, so I duplicated one, changed it to black-and-white, printed and framed it, and added it to this wall grouping.

I robbed Peter to pay Paul, as they say, with this frame. We're running low on black frames, so Gabriela remembered some Potterybarn starfish prints that are no longer being used in the girls' bathroom. Eureka! It's a good thing, too, because I had my eye on the frame that holds the photo of my grandfather in his Army uniform. (*Gasp!* Don't worry, Mom. I would have replaced it right away.)

Project Number Two should be posted soon. I'll give you a hint: Kait will have better coverage when nursing her sweet son, Bruce, in public.
And Kait has quite a knack for pairing fabrics and colors!

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