Friday, September 21, 2012

Table & Chair Rescue

I need to decide what to do with the bird puzzle in the background. We finished it earlier this summer and glued it together. I'd like to make it into a tray or something.

When we lived in Moçambique, I would see vendors - ordinary citizens wishing to make a living - setting up their wares along the road daily. I saw men carrying their fresh catch of the day, and once I saw a father and son selling their freshly-slaughtered chicken at a table outside their home. It made me realize how much red tape we have in America - I mean, we can't even paint someone's finger nails without a license!

With our infatuation with credentials, it's refreshing to find those who still just dive right in and use their skills. One can't argue with results, and Miss Mustard Seed provides oodles for inspiration for those who have the desire yet lack the particular degree. When you click her link, be SURE to read her sidebar note, "Move Mountains in Your Home". Her "credentials" are represented in her actual work. Had she waited for someone else's validation, we might not have her vast array of talent to inspire us.

I'm thinking that I must add Miss Mustard Seed to my "Dream Kibbutz" list. I really could have benefited from having her by my side as I entered into these two projects.

A while back, I started recycling a bunch of old Potterybarn items that I've had lying around for years. I've been slowly chipping away at an old duvet cover for use in several projects.

Here's the best photo I could find of the duvet cover from several years (and four addresses) ago.

(A tiny glimpse of one of the pillows I made from it can be seen here, in the background.)

After updating this chair recently, I was inspired to rescue its injured twin from the garage. In our last move, it lost one of the back slats. I tried and tried to locate the handy tutorial that MMS used to cover a chair back, but I couldn't. So, I did my best to figure it out on my own.

I just love making messes in my sewing room!

Here it is almost finished. I had to scavenge through all of my stashes to find more of the cording I used on the seat. Sometimes, hoarding pays. And I don't regret cutting up that duvet cover one bit.

Once the chair was done, I was ready to tackle the card table slipcover. I bought this card table with two chairs (future project?) at Target several years ago. It has been a school table in my boys' room, a model-plane & -truck table, a scrapbooking table, a puzzle-building table, and most recently, an extra chess table for my son's group that will meet here monthly.

In the meantime, I wanted an extra surface for those rare moments when I actually spend time in my bedroom doing "stuff" that requires a flat surface. You might call it a desk.

Although it bears a striking resemblance to a giant roll of toilet paper, I thought of a solution for managing what seemed like miles of pleat fabric. As my mom would say, I thought it was rather "slick":

I'm a firm believer that cute daughters make better displays. Add a cute puppy, and BINGO!

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