"LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." Psalm 16:5-6

Ours is a story of what God can do with two silly teens, starting off with no clue;

And baby thrown in, just for good measure. We didn’t know that God would increase our treasure

With four added on in rapid succession, filling our lives with joy and hard lessons.

We’ve had our share of valleys and hills, of times of abundance, and unpaid bills.

We once thought success would bring us bliss; we’ve learned that loss does a better job of this,

As we lean on our Savior, Who always delivers, regardless of the size of our quiver.

Although we’re grateful for the times of ease, the hard times are useful for learning to please

Our Heavenly Father, learning to walk in His Truth, of which we often talk.

May the Lord help us humbly and faithfully serve, staying mindful that the next generation observes.

Prop up your feet and grab a cup of coffee or tea while I open up

The book of my life, without further ado, and narrate the musings of my heart to you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sneak Peek

I started this camera bag a few weeks ago, but our busy schedule has kept me from working on it diligently. I can't wait until it's finished; and now that Gabriela is taking a photography class, the pressure is on!

The pattern is from Kay Whitt's Media Frenzy, and this bag, alone, occupies ten pages of instruction.
I'm on the fifth page.
I'm just giddy about it and couldn't wait to post a photo, even though it's yet unfinished.

Also, I had mentioned last week that I hoped to be able to make a clutch to match the bag that I made for my friend, Terri.
Miraculously, I was able to carve out time to make it in time for her daughter to carry it home with her.

I used more of the plaid capulana fabric and a beaded zipper pull, both acquired while living in Moçambique.
I missed my opportunity to post this on Amy's Sew & Tell on Friday, but I've been taking it slowly. I spent yesterday organizing the sewing room. We have a lot going on in our house, so I have to keep to my own pace these days.
I didn't want to work on any more projects without de-cluttering a bit. It was getting out-of-hand.

My white-board list of projects has grown considerably, so I do hope to spend quite a bit of time sewing in the coming weeks - in between out-of-town guests, of course.
So far, the count for 2012 is twelve, with ten more expected before the end of February, and (Lord willing) my parents will come after that.
I can't wait to log in some kitchen hours with them!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Birdie Sling for a Friend

It's been quite a while since I've made one of these. I still carry mine that I made in Moçambique.
Last spring, I carried my Birdie Sling to the Vera Bradley outlet sale in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and when my friend, Terri, in Alabama saw a photo, she requested one.

Well, shame on me.
I'm just now getting around to making it.
It helps that Terri's beautiful daughter, Ashley, has been visiting us. I can send it home with her, which has motivated me to get going - added motivation lies in the fact that today is Sew & Tell Friday and I missed it last week.

This bag has such great size and shape. In my opinion, Amy Butler is "The Bomb" and worthy of high regard in the sewing/pattern-design realm.
So, I'll humbly submit that I thought the only element this bag was lacking is a magnetic snap.
I went ahead and added one to Terri's bag.
I have really missed having one on my bag, because I'd love for it to be able to close.
Now that I've added one to Terri's bag, I'm having second thoughts, as it's causing the top band to bunch a little.

Fortunately, I'm pretty sure that Terri sees me through rose-colored glasses.
At least, I like to think so.

The plaid lining fabric is from a capulana that I brought back from Moçambique.

I'm throwing in a little bonus, since I miss my friend so much that it hurts. (I haven't seen her since May '09.) She's one of those hip, wanna-be-farmer, goat-milkin', flowy-blonde-hair, 10-K-runnin', make-you-laugh-until-you-cry, mama-of-9-not-wanting-to-feed-her-family-GMO-food types. In short: I love her!

If a miracle happens over the weekend before Ashley returns home, I'll make a gathered clutch to match the Birdie Sling.
If not, there's always Terri's birthday.