Monday, August 9, 2010

Call Me "Heroine"

I sew. I cook. I bake. I teach. I love. And... I rescue cats from trees. Especially when it's my dog that treed her. And when I'm one of two in our family who isn't allergic to cats. So, when Rhodes terrorized one of my dad's cats this afternoon, I cast aside my cautious ways and climbed the ladder.

I reeeeeeally trust this man!

Of course, Jill had to pick a tree with NO lower branches to run from Rhodes.

When I almost had her, Rhodes showed up again. When I turned to look at him, I heard from Jill the most unnerving sound I've ever heard from any creature. She meant business! I won't identify the individuals who let Rhodes loose, but my daughters quickly put him in his pen. ;-)

I finally got her down, but she wanted some time alone. So, we gave it to her. I'm pretty sure that I'll forever be her favorite family member. I'm also pretty sure that the next time Rhodes gets any ideas about Jill, he'll have the reminder on his nose that he should keep his distance from her.


  1. Wow ... your hands look a little too close to those fangs! Glad she didn't take her contempt of Rhodes out on you. =-)

  2. go dayna! I am noooot a cat person, I'm not sure what i would have done in the same situation :/

  3. Bravo for your bravery! We had a situation like this once with my Grandma's cat. Eventually we had to enlist my uncle to come over and rescue her because, unlike all of us here, he isn't afraid of heights!
    Hopefully these two keep their distance and you don't have to go climbing any ladders again soon! :)

  4. Way to go! You're not only a braveheart, you're a sweetheart. I'm not sure I would have come to the rescue. ;o) Because you always inspire me when I read your posts, I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by and grab your button. Happy Tuesday! :o)