Friday, July 9, 2010

Winding Down

I wanted to have something to share today since this time next week my sewing machine will be packed for shipment back to the States. I realized last night that I hadn't done any sewing at all this week, so I came up with an idea and got right to work this morning. My flow was briefly -- and happily -- interrupted when I took a break to resume our study of Deuteronomy and Ephesians with the children, then moved on to meet Craig for lunch at our favorite pizza shop. I got right back to sewing when we returned, as we watched a really great movie together. (By the way, I'm not one to give movie recommendations, so it's a big deal that I've included this.)

I've made this purse twice before, using this tutorial. I had an idea to make it again using the scrappy strips technique from here.

On my first time using the tutorial, I used an elastic closure with a button. The second time, I left it completely open. This time, I wanted to try a partial zipper with the ends open. I probably should have made the zipper a little longer, but it was a fun attempt, anyway.

While shopping for gifts to take back to friends and family in the States, I came across some locally-made zipper pulls. They each cost the equivalent of $1.86, so I bought several.

I'll be so disappointed not to be able to participate next week, but I look forward to being able to join everyone again for Amy's Sew & Tell Fridays once we get settled back in the good ol' US of A! It won't be long now...

Have a marvelous weekend, everyone!


  1. Dayna - Beautiful purse! I like that you were able to use scraps. I'm going to have to try this. Ephesians is one of my favorite books. I'm reading through the Revelation right now. I'll be praying for you and your family as you journey back home. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! umm...when you get all settled :o)

  2. The strippy purse is wonderful! I'm impressed by the way you are able to improvise.

    Have a safe journey!

  3. Great use of strips in your sweet purse! I like the colors!

  4. Very cute! I love the strips:) Have a safe trip back to the states!

  5. Such a cute bag - and I love those zipper pulls! Great find!!

  6. Yummy bag. Great zipper work. The zipper pull is a really nice accent.

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  8. That zipper pull is amazing! And such a sweet local touch! Terrific. :)

  9. Love the purse, my friend! Will be praying for safe, healthy travel for all of you as you journey back to us...Dubai sounds amazing, can't wait to visit and catch up! Much love to you!