Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love My Vita-Mix!

If you used to read my old blog (my first one -- this is my third), you already know that my Vita-Mix is my favorite kitchen appliance. Although there are machines in my kitchen that are more practical and necessary, this one definitely offers the most fun.

From warm "raw" soup and fresh salsa to frozen desserts, smoothies, and nut butters, this machine lives up to its reputation and proves a worthwhile purchase. Shortly after it arrived at our Alabama home in spring of 2008, we had already done a great deal of experimenting with this tool that is too attractive and versatile to be referred to simply as a blender.

Years ago, my cousin, Stacy, showed me how to read labels and determine which ingredients cause a health concern. Commercial brands of peanut butter, for example, pose a real problem, with hydrogenated oils and other mysterious ingredients. Our family consumes large quantities of peanut butter -- except for Graham, who's allergic to it -- so naturally, I wanted to find a better alternative without having to give it up altogether. Although my sweet husband flatly refuses to kick the Jif habit, the rest of us have been on a quest to find the tastiest version of natural peanut butter.

We settled on a decent health-food-store brand for a while, but we were excited to begin experimenting with homemade peanut butter when our Vita-Mix arrived.

 Here's a photo of Craig Grayson's first attempt at peanut butter in 2008. I'm convinced that it was his own labor that made it taste good to him. He doesn't usually reach for the healthful option. I thought it was delicious, though.

Now that we're settled again, I've been brainstorming about peanut butter. This morning, I decided to give my idea a try:

coconut oil
agave nectar

It turned out really smooth and won the approval of all of the children, minus Graham. Morgan declared it to be the best she's ever tasted! I doubt that Craig will be convinced, though. I've added more Jif to my grocery list, just in case.


  1. Sounds yummy! I might just have to try to share your proportions?! Dave is also reluctant to kick the Jif habit...though he has been a little more healthful minded lately, maybe I should take advantage of it?! Where do you buy your peanuts and are they raw or roasted?

  2. Craigy looks so little and young here - oh, why must they grow up!?! (not that he's not cute now, just, well, you know...) I remember when you first bought this contraption, how you labored over the decision, the sleepless nights, the days spent convincing the head of the house and now, voila, yummy, delicious, healthy butter!

  3. WOW! I can't wait to try that! Especially if Mo gave her stamp of approval. ;) I am also excited to see that you used coconut oil (as you know that I love it's healthful multi-purposes).

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