Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The "Oh-My-Word" Factor

It all began with a conversation. For some reason that escapes me at the moment, my mom was telling me this morning what my cousin ate in a restaurant a few months ago. It's all a blur to me now, but I do recall the words "cannellini bean puree". I don't think I heard anything after that.
My wheels started turning...

Fortunately, today was grocery day, so I was prepared to experiment.
The children have been heckling me lately for my food exploration. It has fallen upon the guilty ones to take full responsibility for our menu until further notice.

Caelyn determined the menu, I shopped (with helpers), and the "staff" will make a concerted effort to bring food to the table until I return from my strike.

... But I can't stay away entirely.

With my newest brainstorm nagging me, I went to work on a side dish this evening as the girls prepared the rest of our meal.

I kept thinking about that bean puree, knowing that it needed something to bring up the level.



Oh, yeah.

What else? Hmm... 


Roasted Garlic

I threw it all into the food processor with some Himalayan sea salt & cracked pepper...

... but it still needed something to make it "pop",
as they say.

Smoked. Gruyere.
(Thanks, Mo.)

I placed it into ramekins for individual servings...

Broiled it for two minutes, and...

Oh. My. Word.

I had to add this one because I just think it's beautiful.
This was a side item, as well, with a bit of salt.


  1. So glad you are back to blogging. I put you back on my blogroll and will check in.

  2. You are so welcome. =) But in all seriousness, I get my mad skills honestly. ;) Happy Mother's Day, mother!