Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stranger Things Have Happened

Stranger things, indeed - like the fact that I was wearing a blouse AND a sweater yesterday, & it's the middle of May.

But is anything, anywhere, quite as unusual as a woman who has long been diametrically opposed to dog ownership, now owning TWO dogs? And loving it?

Rhodes is completely enthralled with Menina ("little girl" in Portuguese).
We are, too.

As we had a Bible study in our living room last night with our wonderful friends, Kaitlyn, Zach, and Jon, Menina snuggled up next to Rhodes for a nap. He was fine until she assumed a position he didn't approve. He growled at her, so we rescued her. Normally, he's super friendly. The two of them had a fun time playing in the foyer, where I had Menina on paper. 
In a single night, I was repaid for all of the sleepless nights I've had nursing babies. My sweet family members -- including one son who was the WORST of all my nighttime-crying babies -- came in shifts to check on the fussy puppy. For that, I am grateful. The men in our house may be big and tough, but they certainly have a soft spot for cute little puppies.


  1. She is so adorable! So adorable, in fact, that the covetousness in my youngest daughter's heart has been revealed. She wishes she had Menina instead of you. lol

  2. Funny - that's how it all started with me. I saw a Yorkie Poo that a friend in Moz had bought, and I wanted to snatch it and run! I've been tortured ever since. May Youngest Daughter soon have her desire granted. :-)

  3. What an adorable girl she is! My daughter has been begging for a 'friend' for our Boxer. How does the big dog-little dog dynamic work?