Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My New Fall Purse

 The tissue holder tutorial is no longer available, but it's super easy to figure out; so I just whipped it up.

I've had my eye out for a new fall handbag, but I just haven't found anything affordable that appeals to me.
On Sunday, I took the girls to the fabric store to get supplies for some sewing projects that Caelyn will be doing with Gabriela. While awaiting our turn at the cutting table - we were #28, and they were serving #8 - I killed time by browsing.

I know that I never should have even picked up the latest issue of Stitch magazine; but I did, and it was love at first sight.
I've had my eye on this wool houndstooth fabric since it first came out; but I couldn't imagine a use for it in Texas.
I'm no longer wondering.

I just love the side pockets! I ended up personalizing the design of this bag a bit, as I wasn't terribly impressed with the handle instructions. Changing the handle also altered the overall shape somewhat. There's one embellishment that I still need to make and add to the purse, but after our move, I'm missing a crucial tool. I'll add an update later.

I used cammo fabric for the lining of the matching wristlet.

I'm so pleased with how spacious this bag is, and I just can't wait to fill it and show it off in public!

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ETA: My mom pointed out that I didn't include a photo that shows the handle:


  1. oh my word!!! This is amazing! I love the houndstooth and what a perfect use for it. SO so cute! Love the little zipper pouch and tissue holder too. I need to make one of those! Thanks for linking up to Sew & Tell!