Saturday, April 24, 2010

Being Pleased With the Boundaries

A couple of years ago, as I was reading through Psalm 16, I was so encouraged by verses 5 and 6. However, I had to ask myself, "If my circumstances were not as satisfactory as I find them now, could I still say that the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places?" I pondered that question for some time. In those days, I was living very comfortably, getting my way most of the time, surrounded by friends who were affirming and encouraging, loving my house and neighborhood, shopping at Ann Taylor, eating organic food, and basking in all of the details.

Suddenly, our circumstances changed and we faced a drastic and unpleasant transition. For quite a while, I couldn't bring myself to even read Psalm 16. I knew that it had to be true for me, even in a situation that I would not have planned for our family. Slowly and lovingly, the Lord led me to a place of acceptance and acknowledgement that trials are meant for our good and for His glory. I can now say that, even (and perhaps especially) outside the "comfort zone", the Lord's assigned cup for me is indeed pleasant. His boundaries for me are safe and wonderful because they are of His wise choosing.

I've started this blog mainly because I no longer wish to use the previous program that I've had since I first joined the blogosphere. I also hope that it will serve as a platform where I declare the goodness of God in our lives, share the fun adventures we're blessed to experience, display the ways in which we explore creative outlets, and otherwise encourage, entertain, and maybe even challenge my readers a bit.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you'll enjoy what I have to share.

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  1. Welcome to blogger!! This post really resonated with me as we are facing a possible change and these are questions I ask myself now and have asked myself over the past three years as I have had many things going my way.

    It is always hard when things are very comfortable to determine if we are taking our comfort in the Lord or in the "things" and "circumstances" of our life. It is a blessing sometimes when God either removes those things/circumstances or threatens to and we are forced to rely only on Him and His plan for our comfort and feelings of happiness and well-being.