Monday, April 26, 2010

Bits Of My Weekend

I nearly choked swallowing my pride before posting this photo. But, this is a bit of my weekend that I cherish. We usually spend either Friday night or Saturday night falling asleep all together in the living room (called the lounge in this part of the world) while watching a family movie. This time it was "The Hunt For Red October", so I didn't even try to stay awake. In the end, I think that only Craig Grayson watched the entire movie. This weekend, we ended up having back-to-back movie nights. Saturday's fare was our "Looney Tunes" collection, while we awaited the girls' return from the prom. After that, we were just too lazy to climb the stairs. The furniture provided in this furnished rental is very comfortable, but hosting a slumber party for a family of seven leaves it smelling less than fresh. I'm very thankful for lavender spray for linens and upholstery, a fan, and open windows.

A couple of the children's friends visited at the end of the week. This is Sessie. His family is from Ghana, and his entire name has nearly as many letters as our Preamble to the Constitution. Sessie enjoys dancing, and my fun-loving husband requested an on-the-spot lesson in "tectonic" dance. It was quite amusing.

On Saturday evening, Caelyn and Morgan attended a prom given by the American International School. Who would have thought that two homeschooled girls from the States would attend a prom in Moçambique? We are grateful for the two brothers who invited them. They come from a very godly family whom we admire, and the four of them are great friends. It's so nice to know young men who respect our decision not to have our children engage in recreational dating. We were able to rest easily knowing that our girls were in the company of true friends with no pressure toward a "relationship". We love these guys!

Tyler, Caelyn, Morgan, Austin

Caelyn and Tyler joined the other seniors for photos and dinner before the prom, so Craig and I joined Lance and Mindy in taking Morgan and Austin out for a special dinner before they were delivered to the location of the prom. We had a delightful evening. Good friends are such a treasure!

We were invited inside the host's home briefly for refreshments and hors d'oeuvres. Some of the seniors were just arriving, so I snapped a few photos. Everyone looked so lovely and handsome. One thing that I really appreciate about our time here is meeting people from all over the world. What a beautiful array of God's creativity is displayed in the differences seen in these faces! I love it!

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  1. Love visiting your blog!
    And my heart is just melting at your family tradition of falling asleep in the lounge after movies. What a memory they will have of such fun times!
    Prom pictures were just beautiful too!

  2. Beautiful!! We tend to fall asleep in our family room on Friday and Saturday nights after movies as well. Ahh Memories!!!

  3. once more... beautiful family! thanks for inspiring me as a fellow young mom, now 2 mondays in a row :) looking forward to your next post

  4. Oh, Dayna! How beautiful the girls looked! Hunt for Red October?! No wonder you fell asleep! LOL So glad you are on blogger now!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your family! I fall asleep during movies at home all the time, so that looked pretty familiar to me!

  6. The girls look beautiful. Good friends make all the difference. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend at your house.

  7. Aww I love the fact that your family falls asleep in the lounge room all together. Those are wonderful traditions and memories!

    You visited my blog and commented so I figured I come here and answer your question..

    My tattoo is Hebrew...I have the second part of the saying and my husband has the first part My beloved is mine (my husband) and I am his (me). We both have the tattoo in the same spot! Thanks for stopping by my blog.