Monday, June 14, 2010

A Very Full Weekend

We had quite a few bits this weekend. Our "baby", Gabriela, turned eleven on Friday. Time does fly. I cherish every moment that I see her playing with dolls or coloring or building a Playmobil town.

With a little help from the Master Manipulator (no need to mention any names), she settled on going out for a sushi dinner. (Score!) After dinner, we returned home for an old Carey Grant movie a la download.

On Saturday, Henrik came to give Craig Grayson and Caelyn a scuba lesson. He's getting them ready for the upcoming open-water dive. Sadly, we learned on Sunday that Craig Grayson's asthma will prevent him from continuing. This was very disappointing news for him. It actually made me cry, as I know that this is a big goal of his. He has worked very hard preparing, and he does really well.

I can't imagine what it's like for him when he has an attack and can't get enough air. The thought of this happening 18 meters underwater -- and the danger of ascent under such conditions -- is really frightening. I'm sad that he'll be unable to reach his goal, but as Craig said, "It wouldn't be right for us to say, 'He died doing something he loves.'" It's just not worth the risk. Maybe he can become my mountain biking buddy when we return to the States...

Doesn't he look cool in his get-up?

Caelyn, too, is really doing a fantastic job. Some of the things they have to do would scare me, but she's handling it all very calmly, keeping her goal in sight.

On Saturday evening, we had a farewell dinner for Mindy and her family. We've said good-bye to five families in one week. Very sad days these are.

The children and I prepared French dip sandwiches, carrot salad, Greek salad, roasted brussels sprouts, and the best part of the meal: chocolate chip brownie pillows. What would life be like if Southern Living had never been published? Really? I talk a lot about eating nutritious food -- and I mean it! Still, it's nice to get naughty with food occasionally, and southern people really know how to make that happen. Who else would think to squish brownie pieces into the middle of chocolate chip cookies?

After dinner, we watched the US vs England "football" match. I must say that I certainly hope that no American spectators in Johannesburg will take the vuvuzela back home and start a trend there. It would change sports as we know it in the Mother Land. Imagine constantly feeling as if you're being attacked by a giant swarm of killer bees. I don't think the commentators would stand for having to compete with such an awful sound. It distracted me for the entire game and made me want to leave the room. Please do click the above link and prepare to lobby against it.

Gabriela wore the World Cup shirt that Henrik gave her for her birthday... all weekend long!

Was Craig praying here? If so, I wonder if he mentioned the screaming tantrum he had already performed.

I will miss Mindy so much. She has helped me through my times of culture shock, assisted in the red tape of crossing the border, loved my family, prayed with me, translated for me, shown me where to get the best deals, and reminded me of the importance of accessorizing even when the environment seemed to suggest otherwise. She's been a good friend. And her tortilla soup is the best ever!

The most exciting part of the weekend for me was celebrating 18 years of holy matrimony with the best person I know. Sunday was our anniversary, and although we didn't do anything out of the ordinary to celebrate, I felt every bit as excited to be Craig's wife! Sharing life with him has been the biggest blessing, and I look forward to as many more years as the Lord will give us together.

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  1. Love the scuba pics. My mother is a diver so
    I grew up around it. We would travel just so she could dive. Sorry to hear your son will not be able to do so but God has other plans for him I am sure. God bless you all!!

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend--I especially enjoyed hearing about the brownie cookie pillows! Wow. Yum.

    I have always admired those with the courage to dive, but it's never been on my personal list.

  3. getting certified to SCUBA dive is on my "bucket list" and our anniversary was Friday (your daughter's birthday)! We also watched to US v. England game!!! Wow - maybe we're related and we don't know it?


  4. Such a nice update. We love hearing about the Whitlocks' adventures!

    Eleven is such a fun age, and I'm sure Gabriela is a hoot! We would love to see that sweet girl.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Craig. And to think ... we've known you guys from the very beginning. What a blessing!

  5. Cristie, that's so true! You knew us before we had even one anniversary.

    Yes, "hoot" describes Gabriela well. Bless her heart, though, she's had a tough time with her foot lately. She spent the day before her birthday back in the trauma center getting the same spot lanced because it isn't healing properly. Then she returned AGAIN on her birthday!! It's an ordeal.

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments. I wish I could get over my SCUBA aversion.

  6. What a precious family. I love the intro to your blog!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I haven't watched any World Cup matches but it's pretty neat that people all over the world are watching live... some games are live on tv here as early as 7:30 a.m.......