Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Don't Make Resolutions, But...

... I do plan to spend more time with my sewing machine, now that life is back to something akin to "normal". (What is "normal", anyway? The "norm" seems to shift often. Perhaps this can be a future blog topic.)

Way back before we returned from Moz, my cousin, Denise, asked me to make an apron for her. I kept promising, but with a move, a struggle to get settled, multiple guests, the holidays, and being short one "staff" member for three months, I just didn't get around to it until last weekend.

I used Butterick's B4945 pattern for this one, which isn't quite as easy as making up the design myself; but it's a cute one, and I didn't have to really think about what to do. The option I chose didn't actually have a pocket, but I promised Denise that her apron would have one. I played a little with some decorative stitching, as well:

In other sewing news, Liesl has presented a wonderful challenge to her readers. I'm actually having a bit of a struggle with the commitment that this one requires -- not because I don't think I can accomplish the task, but because I can't imagine further delaying the gratification of purchasing the sewing book I've been wanting. I've been searching for a loophole in the deal. For instance, if I sew at least two items per month from the sewing books I already own, maybe I can purchase this book sooner. Maybe?

Well, here is my first finished project of the new year, and the first one to post for Liesl's challenge. It comes from Amy Butler's Style Stitches. I'm thinking that I must not be as smart as other woman who make Amy's purses, because I had to walk away from this project at least once, and I kept my seam ripper in very close proximity. (It is, after all, my most-frequently-used tool.) In the end, I love the result; but I don't think that anyone could pay me to cause cramps like that in my fingers again!

It's such a tiny detail, but I love the magnetic snap! I can't wait to use one again. (I know. I'm a late bloomer in the sewing world.)


  1. Hi there, your wristlet is amazing, I love all the details inside for organizing your stuff!

    Along with Liesl, I am starting a Flickr Group for the Craft Book Challenge. We would love you to join up and post your photos there! Here is the link:


  2. Oh my goodness! You sew beautifully! Guess what? I just finished making my first apron on Saturday. I'm planning on posting some pics on my blog (maybe). Is that you in the picture? You are beautiful! Glad to see you back!

  3. That looks like it took a lot of work! I, for one, give you permission to use that loophole you found to buy your book : )

  4. Adorable wristlet! I love all the little inside pockets and compartments.
    And I hear you on the loophole. I've been thinking, if I do well enough by the middle of the year, I might treat myself to a new book!