Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nursing "Bibs"

It's so exciting to have friends here who are having babies and plan to nurse them. I just love making these nursing covers. Actually, since I began making these a few years ago -- and even when I owned an early version of one back in the mid-90s -- I've always called these nursing "bibs". 

The one that I used when I had our older son was nothing more than a receiving blanket with a bias-tape strap that attached with velcro. Now, nursing "covers", as most refer to them, have become much more stylish, in keeping with the current apron craze, I suppose. (Or maybe it's because younger mothers want to feel more like divas as they sport spit-up on their clothes.)

A few years ago in Alabama, I was so impressed by a friend's cover that I decided to start making them for gift-giving. Recently, another friend kindly offered some useful feedback concerning a feature that didn't prove beneficial long-term. I'm so glad that she shared this with me, because I'm now able to remedy the problem with future "bibs".

I made this nursing bib a few days ago for a friend here who is expecting Baby #5 soon. We don't know whether Anna is having a boy or a girl, so I thought that this fabric would work fine (Of course! It's my favorite Heather Bailey!): green, in case it's a boy, and pink because Anna deserves to wear something girly, regardless of the gender of the one she's feeding.

I really appreciate the convenience and neat finish of a D-ring, so I include these on all of the nursing bibs that I make.

I don't always make the pockets the same way. Here, I added a small one between the two layers. Sometimes I put it right on the front of the entire cover; but when I first began, I made a small, triangular pocket on the back in the corner. The purpose of the pocket is to stash the nursing pad until after the feeding. (This beats shoving it under one's leg, which is what I used to do.)

The problem with the older "models" was right here, with the flexible insert that I sew between the layers at the top of the bib. This allows the mother to peek at the baby easily. I now have to use a different method of creating this flexible feature. The new way should work much better, and is certainly what I should have used in the first place. (If you're reading this and you have one of my old ones, "I'm really sorry!")

And here is Anna modeling her new nursing bib, a tissue holder that I gave to her (every mommy should carry one!), and the chocolate chip cookies that Morgan made just for her.


  1. Wow it's really pretty. I wish I had a baby to nurse so I could buy one from you. :) Hopefully soon!

  2. cute bib, Dayna! I love that AB fabric! You have one very lucky friend!

  3. I love it, I love it, I love it...and I can't wait to use it! I have always struggled with, um, modesty while nursing and could never quite get the hang of draping a blanket and getting it to stay put!! This is PERFECT! Thank you again :-) xoxo

  4. Jamie, so do I! I really miss having babies and enjoying that cuddle time.

    Hi, Penny! Yes, that's probably my favorite fabric. I love using it.

    Anna, I'm so pleased to know that you like it and look forward to using it. I know what you mean about draping a cover. At some point, I lost my old nursing bib that I had way back when Craig Grayson was a baby, and it seemed like my younger babies had a sense of humor. Suddenly, a tiny hand would just reach up and snatch the receiving blanket away!