Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

... And even to some who procrastinate! For quite a long time, I've wanted to make yoghurt (Don't you love foreign spellings? I do!) For no particular reason, though, I've put this off... and off... and off. When I visited my sweet young friend and her adorable family in Indiana several months ago, she had made some delicious yoghurt. Delicious! Perfect texture and all! She had managed to make a gallon at a time in her slow cooker. (Eventually, I want to learn that method.)

In the meantime, I've had my eye on this yoghurt maker at Williams-Sonoma for a few years. In fact, I actually gave this same appliance to a friend as a birthday gift several years ago, promising myself at the time that I'd reward my own generosity some day.

My waiting finally paid off when I went to scope out the after-Christmas sale at Williams-Sonoma. Our dear friend, whom we affectionately call "Nana", visited with two of her lovely granddaughters a few months ago. Before leaving, Nana blessed me with a gift card, knowing that Williams-Sonoma has long been one of my favorite stores. I held on to the card until after Christmas, and to my great delight, I found that the price of the yoghurt maker had been reduced.

A while back, I wrote about the trouble of being content with an older model when a newer version is released. I've decided that I'm perfectly happy with my new sale-priced yoghurt maker, despite the fact that customers may now purchase this.

Speaking of waiting, in a few more hours we will have a fresh batch of yoghurt to enjoy. A friend chuckled when she saw how much yoghurt I normally buy from the co-op. Now that will no longer be necessary! I suppose that I should get busy on some granola...

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