Friday, February 25, 2011

I've Been Working

I've had a lot going on lately (de-cluttering, bread baking, homemade yogurt, and of course, homeschooling). It feels so wonderful to be productive. I really thrive on busy work -- even if it's just sitting at my desk and shredding papers. It just feels great.

It's really a good thing that I've accepted Liesl's challenge to use the sewing books that I already own, because I've been awfully tempted lately. I saw this at the fabric store today and nearly caved. 

Fortunately, I had the satisfaction of a freshly-completed project as incentive to press on and deny myself. I've wanted to make this bag from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing, so I seam-ripped a throw pillow, grabbed some of last year's spring fabrics, and got to work. Gabriela gasped, oohed and aahhed over the finished product, so it's probably going to be hers. I'd change a few things about the next one, but it was a fun and easy project.

I'm kicking myself for forgetting where I bought this adorable gray kitchen-gadget fabric. (That cliché is so funny. Who really kicks herself?) 
I can't even locate my invoice. I'm down to mere scraps, and really want more. To add further insult, after laboring over this oven mitt, I discovered irreparable damage to part of it, which I've tried to hide in this photo. I was so tickled with the quilting I had done, and I had hoped to present these two as a set. *sigh*

My friend, Nicole, in Florida requested two aprons from me. One is for her personal use at home, and the other is for her cupcake business. She saw the black and white apron that I made for my cousin, Denise, a few weeks ago, and asked for one like it. I couldn't find the same exact fabric, so I found a similar one. This isn't actually finished yet. I still have to add monogrammed pockets. Nicole's jubilant and grateful attitude make gift-giving easy. I delight in blessing her, as she has greatly blessed my family's life.

I made this cupcake apron for Nicole a couple of weeks ago, but I had a bit of a glitch with my embroidery machine. After getting some good trouble-shooting help this morning, I was able to move forward on getting the initials of her business monogrammed on the front. I. Can't. Wait! to give these to her!

Head on over to Amy's Sew & Tell to see all of the lovely talent represented there. I'm so thankful for that group of ladies who keep me inspired and motivated. Now that Amy has decided to only "meet" once each month, I'm even more anxious to participate.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great projects. The bag looks fabulous and the aprons are adorable.

  2. Fantastic work! You are so talented. :-)

  3. I really like that kitchen gadget fabric also and it looks great paired with that light blue/gray fabric.

  4. What a gorgeous apron, perfect for a cupcake business!

  5. Thanks, ladies! I love the feeling that comes with finished projects!

  6. Ohhhh, I have been doing a lot of the same things....currently working on cleaning out clothes I have not worn in forever! Adore the bag!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your remarks about the jeans bags. I have enjoyed your blog, too. You in the area of the country where I grew up...McKeesport.