Sunday, February 6, 2011

Doing My Best

This is a big day here in the city of Pittsburgh. Steelers fans are passionate about their team -- our family, included. I must admit that I, personally, have never been a very loyal fan, but it's hard to resist being swept away in all the excitement. 

In a city where many people -- even women! -- wear Steelers jerseys to church, my pseudo-southern sensitivities are somewhat offended. (It's quite vexing really.) I've decided to wear black and gold today as we join friends to watch the Super Bowl. That I'd even do this is noteworthy, considering the fact that I've never even worn team colors to our son's football games. 

Where I actually attended. 

And he actually played. 

Our son. 

Who came from my body.

Choosing game attire has been a bit of a challenge for me. I own plenty of black, but other than a (very cute summer) skirt that I stole inherited from one of our daughters, I have nothing yellow. Although I find them appealing, I avoid yellow clothes, for the most part, because I'm... well... yellow. It's just wrong for me.

Thanks to one of our daughter's sweet friends, I do have a metallic gold scarf that should work just fine, I think, for today's festivities, along with one of the magnetic bracelets I bought a while back in the Strip District.

And here's the final ensemble:

The bracelet and scarf don't really match, but hey! It's only a game.

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