Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Precious, Fleeting Time

Recently, my dad promised to help Gabriela refinish my old dollhouse, only to discover that most hobby shops have little or no inventory of dollhouse supplies these days.

How sad that many little girls no longer spend countless hours in the land of make-believe, pretending to be the Lady of the House. These days, homes have become mere trophies of what is accomplished away from them, and being a homemaker is considered a lowly pursuit. (No wonder the divorce and incarceration rates are so inflated -- there are few left stoking the fires and nurturing hearts!)

I was delighted yesterday to find Gabriela, pajama-clad, happily playing with the American Girl dolls that used to occupy Caelyn's and Morgan's time. The days are fleeting, and the time will soon come when all of these dolls and accessories will only occupy space until they may bring joy to another generation.

What a contrast this presents to this morning's scene:

On her way to her part-time, apprentice-style job at a nearby bridal shop, Caelyn passed by Gabriela's room and began to briefly reminisce about her own past enjoyment of these dolls.
She went on to recall when someone once warned her that time passes more quickly after the twelfth birthday.

When the children were small and older women advised me to make the most of the time because children grow quickly, it was difficult to imagine a time when my days would no longer be characterized by diapers, car seats, and interrupted sleep. 
How right they were, and I've now become one of those women admonishing others to hold their little ones close and to not grow weary of their requests for attention; for a time will soon come when their attention will be focused elsewhere.

Cherish the season of early motherhood. With all of the responsibility, there is plenty of joy to be had, as well.


  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. As a mom of little ones, I need to be reminded of this.

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart warming story! It is so true & thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Good Middle-of-the-night to you, darling Dayna! So many times through the years you encourage me in my role and privilege as a mother. Your children are lovely and strong and speak volumes as to the power of Christ and His delight to bless His peoples through the union of Christ-centered marriages. I was unable to sleep and wanted something to read. The Lord led me to this precious post. I am thankful. Please send my love and affection to your family. Tell your daughters that they are often examples in my heart of biblicial loveliness, beauty and joy as I am raising my little is their mother.
    Much love from Shannon...