Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Craft Book Challenge Update

Liesl is fairest among patient friends.
I dropped the ball on my end of the Craft Book Challenge for March, and she reassured me that it was totally fine and that the blog police wouldn't get me.


March was super busy, and I only touched my sewing machine about... well... I don't think I touched my sewing machine in March.

I'm not one to make promises if I can't guarantee the fulfillment thereof. So, I'm NOT going to say that I'll do two challenge projects in April to make up for March.
(But the thought has crossed my mind.
Several times.)

These super cute birdie pot holders came from Zakka Sewing. This book was one of my very few (read "astronomically-priced") purchases while living in Africa.
(I just needed some retail therapy.)

My mom always tells me that I need to make two of everything I sew, so that there's one for her, as well. In this case, I made three so that I may also give one to Craig's mom.

I'm keeping this blue one for myself.
I may even name her.
(She's a "her". I just know it. She likes tea. And flowers. And nesting. My kitchen is a good nesting place, I think.)


  1. Thanks, Liesl! It means a LOT coming from you!