Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Like a Merchant Ship

A fine mess. Grateful Labor.
That's what this represents. 

When I thought that we'd be moving ten days from now, I decided to see how long we could stretch what was already in the freezer and pantry.
Aside from quick trips to the local grocery and an occasional bulk fruit run to Costco, I've managed to squeeze a lot out of what we already had on hand.

However, Mother Hubbard's Cupboard was beginning to echo in recent weeks, especially since I've been traveling and, therefore, neglecting many of my domestic duties.
(Kudos to my wonderful teenage offspring for running the household in my absence!)

Now that we'll be here for a few extra weeks, I realized that it was high time I feed my family sufficiently.

Today's grocery trip could have been made into a reality TV show.
The look on the face of the lady behind me in line at Costco said it all.
I assured her,
"We'll be back in two weeks."
She glanced at her lone case of Frappuccino and added that she felt like a "slacker".

I'll venture a guess that she probably doesn't have seven members in her household.

Two and a half hours after returning from my multi-stop grocery trip, I still have the rest of the pantry items lying on the floor and island, waiting to be temporarily stowed.
I'm taking this in stages.

By the way, behold my new favorite snacks:

I really like edamame. My favorite way of eating it is the way a local restaurant makes it (see note at the bottom).
My second favorite way to eat edamame is outside the pod, in salad.
This roasted snack version is yummy, too. 

Also, if you've never had anything from the Boulder company, these rice/adzuki bean chips are a good place to start. Years ago, I used to buy their malt vinegar & sea salt chips. They were the best ever.
When I buy these rice & bean chips (chipotle-cheddar flavor), I lose control. And sometimes I share.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

NOTE: Make this --

Edamame in the Pod

(Our family is large, so I buy the big, honkin' package at Costco.)

Follow the package directions for blanching them.
(approx. 3 minutes, I think)

In a large mixing bowl, coat with olive oil, salt (optional; soy sauce is involved later, which is very salty), pepper, and ginger.

Prepare in a ramekin (or ramekins, if you're germ averse, like me) a mixture of:
soy sauce
Hoisin sauce
rice wine vinegar
(The ratio depends on your own personal taste.)

Dip. Savor. Enjoy.

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