Friday, August 26, 2011

Town Square

The big girls spent the day north of the city today with friends, so I loaded up G, G, and CG, and went for a special outing. (It sounds like I have little children, doesn't it?)

After a quick lunch at Cafe Express, we walked to Town Square for a history mini-lesson.

I love that the ground is covered with a general overview of local history. It was so hot, and the children were longing to sit in the shade; but I made them read every word.

Having just lived here a little over two months, I can agree with Mr. Austin's quote above.
(But whom am I kidding? Ha! We're the Wandering Whitlocks! I'm sure our adventures will carry us to new territory in the future.)

Graham spent most of the outing seeking shade.

G & G next to Stephen Austin

Craig Grayson was having a Skype conversation with my mom on my phone.

Gabriela wants me to clarify that she was not intentionally posing. 

Imagine being a slave and not knowing until later that you had been set free...

They endured until the end! It was very fascinating, but they were ready to get out of the sun. Thankfully, Starbucks is right across the street.

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