Friday, September 2, 2011

Back In The Groove

I promised this clutch to Sheri before our move, and I've finally finished it for her. I love the design, which comes from Anna's very helpful tutorial

Now that we're knee-deep into our new routine, I'm enjoying regularly-scheduled sewing time, with bonus opportunities stolen during moments when there's not much of a need for Mom during school hours.

My list of "owed" projects is slowly dwindling, and the process is as satisfying as the finished products.

This is one of those swallow-my-pride moments. Notice the upside-down house on the flap of this messenger bag. This ended up being a practice run, and I'm keeping it for myself. I just can't give it away with such an obvious flaw. The tutorial was great, but I paid no attention whatsoever to the direction of the fabric when I cut the flap. Duh! What's that... rule #1?

I'll be making another messenger bag soon to give to a friend, but in the meantime, I'm brainstorming some projects for myself.

I've made a few recent fabric purchases that just warm my heart:

This "British Subway" fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew! caught my eye when I saw it on Facebook recently. I knew that it wouldn't last long, so I snatched up just a bit for an unknown use. I figure it'll come to me. It's a bit nostalgic, as it reminds me of a trip that Craig and I took to London right after Christmas '03.
"Mind the gap!"

I. Love. This.
It's not from a fancy quilt shop or popular online resource. I got it at our local Joann Fabrics store, but I just had to have it! I don't usually make clothes, but I'm thinking this should become a skirt. Maybe I can schmooze Caelyn...

I bought these back in July, and I'm thinking "apron". A friend of a friend introduced me to this place downtown, and it certainly has the "Oh-My-Word!" factor.

Lord willing, I'll soon have photos of a duvet cover I'm hoping to make for Gabriela's room. The Potterybarn Kids set that has gone through all three girls has far outlived its usefulness. It's high time I give her something that suits the transition a twelve-year-old girl makes in shedding her little-girl-ness and becoming a young lady. I've found just the right fabric that suits a girl on the threshold between dolls and more mature pursuits.

But more on that later...

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