Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent Calendar for a Friend

I have a penchant for over-tasking myself, and I use the excuse that I work better under pressure. The truth is that I just procrastinate until I have NO CHOICE than to produce something under the pressure of lacking time.

I love it, though! 
My white board makes me crazy and happy. I'm one of those weird people who let out a little "mad scientist" giggle, as I cross off an item from my list.

Recently, my young friend, Kelly, sent me this link and asked if I could make something similar for her.
We've been friends with Kelly's family for nearly twenty years. She was a little girl in the youth group that Craig helped to lead back in the early 90s, when we lived in California; and she's now married and expecting her second child.

How could I say, "No"?

This ended up being a really fun project, and I'm so glad that she trusted me to give it a whirl.

I spent a couple of days thinking about what to use for the main background, and I remembered this old sweater of mine that had been added to my "recycle" stash.
This sweater is too big for me now, as I wore it in the "old days" (read "pregnant-and-nursing-days") before I took charge of my health and fitness.

Once I got over the fact that PART of a garment that used to FIT me could be used to make a WALL HANGING,
I was free to proceed.

It took several moments of soul-searching before I finally cut into the sweater.

Some of the details of the original sample that Kelly had sent just didn't sit well with me. She's a really special friend with really great style, so I wanted to pay closer attention to some of the details, without losing the rustic look that she was aiming to achieve.

In my heart I knew that the numbers should be embroidered, rather than "markered". Still, Morgan had to stand by me and help to build my confidence.
Embroidering the numbers made the project take about three times as long as if I had simply written them, but I'm so glad that I took the time.
Morgan helped with the placement and color choices, but we tried to be intentionally random with them.
I went for a "wonky" placement of the numbers.
For some reason, "3", "15", and "17" just wouldn't cooperate in the hoop; but I persevered.

Soon, Lord willing, my photos should improve, as I've finally taken my real camera to be repaired. My phone just doesn't cut it; but at least I have a record, albeit fuzzy.

Many thanks to Gabriela for scavenging in the back yard for a stick. I used twill tape to hang it.
I got lots of "oohs" and "aahhs" from my girls - especially Gabriela, who hinted around to wanting one for our family to keep.
I've had practice saying, "No", to her, though.


  1. LOVE that advent calendar! What a special thing to do for your friend :) I bet she loves it!

  2. I was thinking at the start that I could have written this post. From the procrastinating, to the "better under pressure," to the white board madness -- that's me!! LoL

    The advent calendar is adorable! I can see why you just couldn't resist. ;o)

  3. Oh! It looks wonderful. I love the care and thoughfulness that went into it! This will be a family treasure and one of those things that Kelly's family will look forward to bringing out every year! How beautiful!

  4. Just stopping back in to say thank you for your visit to my blog and your sweet comment. Anytime you need that quilting buddy push, you just let me know! ;o)

  5. What a wonderful finish! Love the fabrics you used. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!