Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A "Sew, Mama, Sew!" Giveaway

Disclaimer: My camera is STILL in the shop, so forgive my poor-quality phone photos.

I'm so excited to be hosting my very first giveaway! Sew, Mama, Sew! is hosting a gigantic giveaway week, and they've invited "any" blogger to participate.
(I think I qualify as "any" -- as in, 
"They'll let any ol' person participate, won't they?")

I decided to add something to the "Baby & Kid" category, so here it is: a nursing cover.
I've made several of these over the years, and you can sneak a peek at just a few examples here, here, & here.

In addition to installing boning in the neckline to allow Mama to peek at her nursing baby when necessary, I like to include a pocket for stashing nursing pads during the feeding.

I like to add a backing to my nursing covers, and I couldn't resist this fabric. I bought what was left on the bolt. :-)

Visit the SMS blog to see all of the fabulous giveaways that are happening this week -- there are many! 
But, hurry! 
The giveaway period ends on Friday, December 16 at 5 p.m. (PST).
I'm a bit late posting this, but I just couldn't make it happen sooner. 
(Actually, I found out about after it had already started.)

To enter my giveaway for this nursing cover (whether you want it for yourself or as a gift for someone else), all you have to do is leave a comment answering this three-part question:

If you could be anywhere in the world, with the companion of your choice, where would you be, who would be your companion, and what would you do there?

I'll choose the best one, in my opinion, and that commenter will be the winner of the nursing cover. I'll notify the winner by December 18, so please make sure that you include an email so that I may contact you.

How fun! Now I'm off to enter a giveaway or two, myself!

** ETA: It's sad, but true. The Giveaway is now closed. I hate to do it, but I don't want to break the rules on my very first time participating.
Thank you to everyone who commented. It's been a blast! The winner will be announced by Sunday evening (12/18).


  1. I'd be in Venice, Italy sitting at a cafe near the canals at night watching the lights on the water and the passing boats. (And while I'm adding to the list, our son would be with a fabulous babysitter and I'd be able to drink wine despite being pregnant...which is why I want the nursing cover. Thanks for the chance to win!) marij4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Oh, it would definetly be with my husband. I think we'd go to New Zealand, and we'd drive all around and see the beautiful sights. We had a terrible honeymoon (not because of him or me - just the trip went awfully because of a hurricane etc !) and we had our son 9.5 months later (okay, so maybe the honeymoon wasn't so terrible !) We had our daughter 2 years after that - meaning, we haven't had a nice vacation together. Ever. I'd love to do something special with him !

  3. That is the Nicest looking nursing Cover I have Ever seen!! If I win I would give it to a pregnat mom at our Church who LOVES homemade things! Um Where I would be is.... I think I would Like to Be in France to study Ballet with the Best Ballet teacher in the world so that She Could have a Vist of a life time and she could do something that she has always wanted to do!! Have a Great Day,


  4. If I could be anywhere, I'd choose a trip to Great Britain with my hubby. I've never gotten to use a passport, so that would be fun by itself, but I'd love to explore the streets of London, the Scottish highlands, Beatrix Potter's preserved countryside, and the gardens at Project Eden! I couldn't imagine ever going on a trip without my husband, either. I'd rather be home with him than there without. Your giveaway is so much fun! I have a friend who just had her second child plus 2 foster kids under 3 at home. It's fun to send her stuff once in a while because she deserves it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I'd love to spend even just one day with my Great Grandmother again. We'd visit her old haunts from her younger days. I'd listen to all of her life stories and really hear them this time. When she was around, I was too young to appreciate what she had to say. I have since realized what an amazing woman she was and how much I missed. I am not making the same mistake with my Grandmother!

    I love the cover! A pocket for the nursing pad is genius! I never know where to put mine! :) Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!

  6. I'd be talking and hanging out with my husband, honestly anywhere with him just makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world

  7. My companion would definitely be my husband, and I'd love to take him to my favorite place in this world, Stanwell Park in Australia. A quiet place nestled with in a national park. It would be just us, cool breeze and sapphire blue ocean. Sigh...

    Aetiquette at gmail dot com

  8. Great giveaway and something I could really use with my 1 month old. If I could be any where with anyone, I'd be in Scotland with my husband on holiday to relax and sight see, we never got a honeymoon and our 9 year anniversary is coming up soon and I dream of us getting to go away for a trip but with 4 kiddos it will probably never happen. Thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  9. I would be in New Zealand with my husband, seeing all the wonderful sights! Although I would like to have been there earlier to watch the rugby world cup!!

  10. I would be where I am right now: living in my own home with my husband, son and baby on the way! I can't imagine being anywhere else. Honestly.

  11. I would be home with my husband and three boys, living life.

  12. Oh! You're a christian too- good to meet you:)
    I'd love to go on another Caribbean cruise with my husband. We went once before our children were born. I especially loved visiting St. Thomas. I like to sit on the beach and relax, but really like to explore and not sit around the whole time.
    I'm turning 30 this year and tried to hint that I trip may be nice... ;)
    As for the nursing cover, I've breastfed both my boys and they've hated to have a blanket on top of their head, so I've fed them in private. But this looks like it could work for baby 3 (not expecting yet).
    I'm going to follow your blog now. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. What a lovely nursing cover! I really like that it has pockets for the nursing pads..mine always end up on the floor. I would use this for myself and then pass it along when I have finished with it. If I could be anywhere I would be on a warm beach with my family just relaxing.
    mcintoshsusan at hotmail dot com

  14. I would definitely be with my husband.....probably camping somewhere beautiful like the Redwoods (like we did before we had kids). We would seek out adventure, have all the time to talk and visit, and go to bed when it got dark and rise when the sun came up! BEUATIFUL nursing cover by the way. I'm expecting Baby#3 and my old nursing cover is shot!

  15. I would be with my husband in London!

  16. thank you for the giveaway. I would love to travel Europe and the Holy Land (ride a camel and everything). I would love to learn the history of the cities and most of all take awesome pictures.

    skowens (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  17. I would be in Italy with my husband, eating Italian food. This would be a miracle because my husband doesn't like Italian, but I love it.

  18. Perhaps this is not very imaginative, but chronic illness has altered the way I look at all sorts of things, including what would be a dream day! I would love to be at the beach with my high school sweetheart, best friend, and hubby of 38 years (we were clueless 19 year olds when we married :), along with our grandchildren and our adult children. We would play in the water, build sand castles, talk about how huge the ocean is but so small in God's hands, and have a cookout, 'cause the beach makes you so hungry! We would just delight in the simple pleasures of God's creation and the joys of being a family.

  19. Ooh need a nursing cover ... I could make one, but it would be better if someone else did! (Due next month.) I'd be in New Zealand with the husband... looking for hobbits? (That's his plan at least.) Or, more likely, looking at sheep :) Lovely blog!

  20. I would go to Egypt with my husband! We are both history geeks. ;) I just love mummies and the stories they tell, so I would go to the pyranids and scour the museums. My husband is less enthralled with mummies, but he would love going somewhere so much biblical history took place! We could stand along the Nile river and envision it turning red...or the skies black with locusts.
    brooke at richardchurch dot com

  21. That is a beautiful nursing cover--love your choice of fabric!!! If I could be anywhere in the world with whomever I chose, it'd have to be Cuba with my husband (and children) doing mission work...

  22. I desperately miss my deceased grandfather. A WWII vet who walked through most of Italy and France only to come home as an amputee, I wish I could have taken him back to retrace his journey and see the beauty and vitality he fought to secure. (I wish the same thing for our current vets in twenty years.)

  23. Anywhere in the world? Easy here, at home, with my DH, our DS is upstairs sleeping, and muttering in his sleep, I'm warm and happy, and snuggled on my sofa. What could be better?

  24. I'd go to France. My G-ma was from there and I'd love to see the place that helped create such a wonderful woman.
    I'd go with my parents, husband, and MIL and FIL. My FIL speaks French and would love to go with us too, I think ;)

    theredkiwi (at) yahoo (dot) com