Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caution: A Bias

I am pleased to introduce a blog that I look forward to visiting regularly. I think you should, too. Of course, I'm biased for a couple of reasons:

1. Cristie is the second friend I made as a married woman -- way back when we lived in California and only had one child -- so I've known her a long time.

2. She's talking about food. (And who would ignore that topic?)

3. I just love her, and you will, too!

Cristie's husband, Tim, joins her in being candid about their journey to better eating. I don't want to give too much away and spoil your reading, but it's so exciting to have friends who understand the difference between falling into the rut of dieting (usually to no avail) and having your entire mindset changed concerning food.

Several years ago, I was inspired to make dietary changes for the long-term benefit of our family (although we are known to eat an occasional ice cream cone, and we have a family-wide love affair with chocolate chip cookies -- perhaps I'll dedicate a post one day to sharing how we do the cookies guilt-free, and I don't mean margarine). I realized that I had been hoodwinked by marketing schemes and "convenience", and I was slowly killing all of us. Really. The junk we buy from the center grocery aisles is designed to drain life from us. (Notice that word "designed". None of that stuff is "food" as God intended it to be. It's the result of lab experiments.)

Anyway, I'm so excited to spread the word about Tim and Cristie's blog. I look forward to following their journey toward more yummy living -- the healthful way!


  1. Hello, my friend! I checked out Christie's blog and recommended a couple of my other favorite cookbooks. More for Less, Extending the Table (a new favorite!) and Simply in Season. I LOVE 'Hearth & Home'!!! It was one of the first books I ever got when we started our healthy eating journey! Will your next post be a vita-mix post since you used it today? LOL Much love to you!

  2. Sue, I bought a farmer's market cookbook right before we left for Moz, but I forget what it's called. Hearth & Home was a gift from my "spiritual mother", Renate, back in '97 when I was pregnant with Graham. I enjoyed catching my first glimpse of healthful food ideas. I love Karey's format in the book. It was she who inspired me to consider using fresh grains, but I had to wait four years before I could actually afford a mill.

  3. Looks like it will be fun to see how they handle this new way of eating. I even wrote a post about them!