Friday, May 14, 2010

Sew or Sleep?

I should be asleep right now, so I must make this quick before I enter into a deep slumber. This has been a very productive week for me (if I don't count homeschooling, for which my children have been left to fend for themselves - I'll do better next week). I'm finally as ready as I'll ever be for the fair tomorrow. Thanks to my "staff" for their help. I have the best children ever!!

Gabriela helped quite a bit, too, but she also worked on a project of her own. Don't you just love a girl in a Steelers jersey, working on a sewing project?

I made an apron on Sunday afternoon. I started it right before our evening church and added the finishing touches that night before bed. Caelyn was nearly salivating over it, but it's going to the fair. Maybe if it doesn't sell, she'll find it in her hope chest. Just maybe. I found the instructions in (I think) Quilts & More. I finally found inspiration for cutting into the kitchen utensils fabric that I've been hoarding. I'm also particularly fond of the Eiffel tower fabric.

I also decided to make one more waist apron. The idea came from A is for Apron. I'm so glad to have purchased that book. It has served me well. Please ignore my pink top that clashes with the red in the apron:

Caelyn has been working on a swatch book for me. As we are in Africa, where we can't just run to Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics and grab some craft supplies, we had to improvise a bit; but I found the instructions on (Sorry, I can't find the link right now, as it's a download on my computer. It's called "Scrapbook", if you want to look for it.)

I've made a few bags this week, as well as two pairs of dish towels. Today was "cram" day, since the fair is in the morning. I spent so many hours at the sewing machine today that my lower back hurts. (OK. I'm being dramatic. The lower back pain is from doing the "Superman" pose in my P90X workout yesterday.) Still, I'm nearly cross-eyed from sewing. But it was fun! I look forward to next week so I may tackle some projects that I couldn't get to this week.

This is another Amy Butler "Birdie Sling". I couldn't resist. Sorry about the lighting. The color really does look great in "person".

Forgive my photos. It's "crazy" late here, and the lighting is very poor in our house. (Add to that the fact that we know nothing of photography...)

These next bags are from a fun tutorial by a lady who makes fabulous creations with selvedges! They are truly amazing! By the way, she says that she can make this entire bag in an hour, but I'm embarrassed to say how long it took me. In my defense, though, I did quilt the outside panels. I changed a couple of minor details, and I'm thankful for Morgan, who drew and cut the pattern for me. My girls have been a tremendous help to me this week. (My boys have been, too. The girls and I had an evening out on Wednesday, and Craig Grayson and Graham fixed dinner!)

I have a few other things that I can't wait to blog about, but for now, I must sleep! Good night! (Forgive me, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what Amy's other Sew & Tell guests have done this week.)


  1. these aprons and bags are so great...super finishes

  2. Wait--you did all that in a week?! I am amazed (and feel like quite the slacker). The aprons are gorgeous. I love the Eiffel Tower fabric and those red & white beaters! The bags are wonderful too.

  3. You have had a busy week! That first apron has got to be my favorite - it would make me want to cook just so I could wear it! But everything is wonderful. I, too, feel like a slacker!!

  4. Wonderful Wonderful stuff..I love your aprons and bag..I especially love the second apron..

  5. wow! I love all the aprons and bags....looking forward to pictures from the fair! If you ever come home to about a sewing class or two? Hmmm?

  6. You've got such a great eye for combining fabrics! The aprons are all adorable. Good luck at the fair! (And thanks for visiting. :))

  7. Wow! You have had a busy week! So many pretty things. The turquoise apron in particular caught my eye. Hope the fair went off without a hitch!

  8. I love, love, love the aprons and the dish towels!!! I too have an affinity for the Eiffel Tower...I thought I would be living in Paris at some point in my life..(before kids) If you ever come to PA, you have to do a sewing class to teach me to sew...

  9. Wonderful finishes. I love your fabric choices. Oh, and that cute apron will be the first thing sold!!!

  10. All of your things are just wonderful...I think you will do very well at the fair! I can understand why Caelyn so wants that too! It looks more like a skirt than apron!

    Dayne, a Mozambique quilt sounds wonderful! Any help I can give, just ask. Have you gotten any local fabrics?

  11. cute projects Dayna! you win, you win! you are quick like a bunny I tell ya!
    And I agree with the others, I can totally see why Caelyn wants that apron so badly!

  12. Sew or sleep? Definitely sew -- see how much you got done when you don't sleep? Oh my, those projects are all amazing! I am thoroughly impressed!!!!!!

    Wendy at

  13. Wow, so much work! Everything looks so amazing. I love the skirt, the apron, and all the bags. Your family is wonderful to be so helpful and understanding!