Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet Rhodes

Hey, everyone! I've finally added a post to my other new blog. It's a crazy idea that I had. I thought I'd start a blog documenting my evolution into a person who likes having a dog. Initially, I had planned to write a book or start a syndicated column with a title like "101 Reasons Never to Own a Dog", or something along those lines. In it, I was going to ridicule all of the insane dog owners who treat their pets like family members and do reprehensible things like let them sleep on the bed. Yuck! Well, guess what?! I'm having to eat crow, instead. I've only done one post so far, but please do head on over and take a look. And I promise to try to take better photos in the future. I took this one using my phone, since that's all I had with me when I let Rhodes come along to the grocery store. See, it's happening to me.


  1. Oh Dayna I really have not been able to do the dog thing yet but my children have convinced me to get cat after cat after cat with three cockatiels thrown in for good measure. Now I have a beautiful black tiger cat walking around in a very well fitted hand sewn pink dress tailor made for her by my ten-year-old daughter!! When the animals start wearing clothes you know you have REALLY gone overboard!!

  2. Anna, keep holding out. Do it for me, since I couldn't. Be strong, sister!!

    Taunya, that is hysterical! A pink dress! Your daughter is a character. Have you seen my photos of Rhodes on FB from the time when Graham and Gabriela dressed him? Crazy.